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The CROUS manages the halls of residence and restaurants. Rooms are available to international guests. Student can book a room at the CROUS of their living area. Please contact us to know which CROUS you should contact

To book a room the admission letter from our admission comitee will be asked to you, so please send us as soon as possible your pre-registration form.

Furthermore, the partners of this program may propose student accomodation

Arts et Métiers Paris Tech

  • A hall of residence, a restaurant and a gymnasium are available in each campus of Arts & Métiers Paris Tech for students
  • In Paris, the hall of residence hallis called la Maison des Arts et Métiers and is located inside the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP).
  • The cost of a room is between 200 € and 270 € per month. A deposit of about 300 euros will be asked at the beginning of the semester
  • French and Foreign Students staying at the same place for more than six months can ask for a grant of the government for their accomodation (APL)
  • More information and registration Email or Site web

Ecole polytechnique

ENS de Cachan

  • Your can book a room at the CROUS hall of residence of Cachan (phone 33 1 41 98 68 90 (or 91 or 94)) & e-mail :
  • There are also private halls of residence available : ARPEJ, specialist of the lodgment of students proposes, within the limit of available rooms, rooms in the hall oof residence University Volti in Cachan. You can apply by e-mail : at the desk of student life .

Cité internationale étudiante de Paris

  • You can also book a room at the international student city of Paris Web Site

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