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International Programs

The Institutes and the University partners of this program are involved in various international exchange programs. According to the program, grants or financial supports can be obtained for this second year master program.


  • Fulbright / ENS Cachan scholarship program

    A Fulbright / ENS Cachan scholarship program devoted specifically to American students was created within an agreement signed with the French-American Academic and Cultural Exchange Commission.

    Program Presentation pdf


  • International Scholarship Program

    ENS Cachan has created an International Scholarship Program in order to attract high level students at master and PhD level. link


  • Other financing opportunities more informations


  • ENS Cachan : International relationships

    All the information regarging international relationships can be found on the official web-site

    of the international-relationships of ENS Cachan. You are advised to visit this website to get more information on the programs and practical information


Arts et metiers Paris Tech

  • If an Erasmus agreement exists between your university and Arts et Métiers Paris Tech, you can apply for a grant from the Erasmus program (contact your university).
  • Grants from the french government are also available for students coming from countries that have signed an agreement with the French government. You can apply for these grants though the cultural services of the French Ambassy.
  • A list of grants is published by UNESCO twice a year Studies Abroad


Training periods

During the second semester of this program, you will integrate a research laboratory. During this period you should receive a financial support. If this training period is performed in an academic research laboratory, the amount the internship allowance is fixed by the current act if no other grant is received by the student. If the student receives already a grant, with an amount below, this grant will be completed so as to reach a total amount of about 500 euros net per month, but may vary from one industrial partner to another

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