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Polymers and composites life cycle

Set of electives offered for the second-year master (M2)

In times of shortage of energetic resources, winnings of object and manufactured product masses are one of the most important subjects of today’s developments. One of the solutions is to use more than ever polymer materials and to reinforce them in order to obtain composites with better mechanical properties. However the engineering of plastics seems to be a quite difficult art. There are several reasons. Firstly, during processing when the plastics are in a melted state they are like liquids in a slowly flow but quicker, they behave like rubber with sometimes surprising properties such as sliding on tool walls. Furthermore, on a solid state the variety of behaviors depends of course on the molecular morphology as well as on the microstructures, but another parameter is the deformation rate: the same polymer is able to behave as a rubber or as a fragile solid. Finally degradation and recycling problems of the materials, particularly of plastics, are in the core of modern society. Competitiveness of companies even of countries is directly linked to mastering new developments in this field.

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