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Courses for the 2nd-year


This program consists in a set of sequences. The first sequence aims at equalizing the students academics standards. This sequence is optional. According to your cursus you will be advised to follow the whole sequence or only some parts of it. Then the second sequence consists in five core courses. Then you will have to choose a set of electives, grouped thematically, so as to be pedagogically consistent. The choice of a set of electives implies the choice of three courses. The research project and the training period in a laboratory have also to be consistent with the choice of a set of electives. Then you will complement your program by two optional courses.

The detailed content of each set of electives can be found below.

Besides, you can also download the complete description of the program as a pdf file format (in french) : download


Equalization of academic standards
Core courses
Set of electives 1: damage and fracture of materials and structures
Set of electives 2: metals and alloys processing, advanced methods and innovative processes
Set of electives 3: polymers and composites life cycle
Set of electives 4: Machining process and simulation


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