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Road map of the 2nd-year program

Main periods

  • The program begins by an equalization period of the academic standards, during the first two weeks of September. After registration, the courses you should attend will be indicated.
  • The common courses begin at mid-September, except for the research project, which should begin one month later, so as to let you time to get familiarized with the various topics in this program.
  • At the end of October, you will choose a research project consistent with the set of electives of your choice. During six weeks a large part of your time schedule will be devoted to the research project.
  • Optionnal courses will be provided from mid-november to mid-February. These courses occur either periodically (each monday morning for instance) or during short periods, so as to give you the opportunity to discover experimental platforms.
  • From mid-Ferbruary to the end of June, you will integrate, for a training period, a research and development team of our academic partners which have industrial partners.

Meeting points

During this year, a few meeting points are planned to share your experiences and to meet the research and development teams.

These open days are organized alternatively by the partners of this program. Visits of their facilities are planned.

  • The integration day
  • The day of choice of the subjects of the training periods
  • The day of the projects (poster presentation)
  • The conclusion day (presentation of the results of the training periods and celebration)

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