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1. Who can apply?

  • The Master is eligible for any student with a bachelor degree in physics, mechanics or engineering sciences, after review of the application by a selection committee
  • Student with a M1 degree can access the M2 directly.
  • Student with a M1 degree associated with the MAGIS master can access the MAGIS M2 directly.

2. How much are the tuition fees?

  • For students from the European Union, the fees range from 500€ to 750€ per year.
  • For students from outside the European Union, the fees are 11 000€ with possibilities of reduction to the standard French fee (around 500 to 700€ per year).

3. Notification of acceptance

  • The application review process is completed within about one month after reception of the application form.
  • Notification of acceptance will be sent by email.

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